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  • Kathryn, mom to Lottie

    Having a baby at the age of 42 was a daunting prospect. Will my pregnancy be a smooth one? What about all those high-risk factors that everyone keeps on talking to me about? Will I cope? What extra precautions will I need to take? As the medical experts navigated me through my pregnancy I couldn’... View Post
  • We've got your back...

    We’d like to invite you into the world of Cacchino where we have open and honest conversations about all things baby and parenting – some of the time. Not all of the time. Sometimes we just want to chat about life and the universe or get a huge virtual hug from someone.   We all have different p... View Post

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Welcome to our Community… it’s a place to share and belong.  Don’t forget that we are all different kinds of parents – different kinds of humans in fact – and as long as we’re doing what makes us and our babies happy, that’s what’s really important.


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